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Examples of our online workshops...

Our workshops are pre-recorded videos, available for you to complete in your own time. With our catalogue, you're bound to find something you'd love to write about!

Wordplay Wonders

Explore the use of word associations as creative writing prompts, and how they can create and develop a written piece.

Good Words

Find words that resonate with you. Whether it be due to the meaning, spelling or pronunciation, use them to not only develop your vocabulary but to provide a starting point for a new written piece.

Journalling for Change

Explore the basics of journalling and some prompts to get you started with making writing a hobby.

Sentimental Scribbles

Take yourself back to your childhood and utilise your inner child and nostalgia to help your creativity and imagination blossom.

Framing Stories

How can photographs be used to build a story? Get curious and ask questions about the object, person or place in frame.

Capturing Creativity

An opportunity to use your own photographs to create a piece of writing. Discover how you can go deeper into a photo to create an individual story or poem- unique to you.

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