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Five Writing Prompts to Explore Your Creative Voice

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Staring at a blank page can be scary even if you're a regular journaler or decorated author. So how can we start writing when we have no idea where to begin? This post provides five writing prompts you can use to start getting those creative writing vibes flowing, and put that pen to paper.

What I love about these short writing prompts, is that there are an infinite number of possibilities as to what could happen when pen is put to paper. The scope of imagination used depends entirely on the writer. I've added some extra notes to each prompt in case you really don't know how to get started, but I'd definitely encourage thinking outside and inside of the box.

Write a letter to the Prime Minister

What would you say if you had a chance to write a letter to the Prime Minister about anything? Maybe it's the political and economical state of the world you'd like to discuss; current events that you have strong opinions on; or maybe, it's what you had for dinner and why Freddos are now 40p. Maybe you'd like to write a letter of praise to a Prime Minister of another country, or one from the past. Whatever it is that pops into your head- start scribbling!

Write a conversation between two rivals

Write a short story about a boy with a red hat

Write a poem about your favourite food

Tell a story about a historical character

These prompts along with 47 others can be found in my writing journal: Write Yourself Well: 52 Creative Writing Prompts To Explore Your Creative Voice which you can purchase on Amazon here, or if you'd like to order directly drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook or on my website.

A bit of a shameless plug BUT this would make a perfect gift for:

✨ Aspiring writers aged 12-99

✨ People looking for a new hobby

✨ Creatives wanting to expand their skills

✨ Writers struggling with writer's block

✨ Students studying creative writing or similar subjects

✨ Teachers looking to expand their writing prompts (these pages are easily photocopied 😉)

✨ Yourself!

Front cover of journal, light brown/beige background with white squiggly lines in top right corner. Title reads: "Write Yourself Well: 52 Creative Writing Prompts To Explore Your Creative Voice
Front cover of journal
A page inside the journal, lined paper covers both pages with the left side having the heading " Tell the story of how you met a close friend"
A peek inside the journal

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